Who We Are

RUTLAND COUNTY LTD. is a family company offering an efficient and personal service together with a quality product at a fair price – NOT A HARD SELL.
We are specialist manufacturers, suppliers and builders of high quality bespoke hardwood conservatories of versatility, individuality, practicality and style.

It is a poor reflection on this industry as a whole that many conservatories are unfit for the purpose for which they were bought. Many glass houses are more like igloos in the winter and poorly ventilated hot houses in the summer. Our buildings have a specification that ensures comfortable living conditions throughout all the seasons of the year, enabling our customers to capitalise on the numerous days of glorious sunshine when it is too cold to sit in the garden. Our superb ventilation system avoids the “Sauna Bath Syndrome”.

Many of our conservatories are attatched to Listed Buildings and are all custom built, to harmonise and have empathy with the adjoining structure. For a conservatory to be aesthetically pleasing, much attention needs to be paid to the architectural theme of the host building. Many of our competitors offer an instantly recognisable modular compromise which seldom looks as if it “belongs”. You will see from this site how Rutland County Conservatories are different and enhance the appearance of the host building.